Audi offers a web-based application submission and tracking system for background checks. The user enters the profile request on the website by entering key information. Once all required information has been entered, the user submits the request. The program scans the request prior to submitting to ensure the information entered is correct, thus reducing process errors and turnaround time.

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Secure Login
  • Users can check the status of any submission
  • View completed results and partial results of checks not fully complete.
  • Applicant data can be sorted and viewed by order date and completion date.
  • Users can be notified of the completion of a report via e-mail or applicant profiles can be e-mailed directly from our system to authorized users.
  • Audi’s system can allow multiple users and multiple locations.
  • Certain users may only be able to input data, while others may view the final completed profile. The proper methodology to input and receive data will be provided in the training sessions with Audi and staff.

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The most efficient method of data transfer is through the Internet using Audi’s web-based software. Audi can also accept other forms of data transfer including fax, telephone, e-mail

User will submit their request to Audi via our secure online system located at after entering their secure user ID and Password.

  •  Upon receipt, all information is automatically checked for data integrity and specific processing identifiers that are essential to complete an accurate report.
  • Audi’s system will automatically disseminate all data to the proper repositories depending on the service line; the appropriate information is processed and monitored in that particular department. Each department is responsible for acquiring and gathering their piece of the profile.
  • Audi will report all data specific to your hiring criteria and by FCRA compliance. Each parcel of the applicant profile is machine-read and professionally quality-assured and reviewed by our compliance department before making the profile available to user. The researcher assigned to each applicant’s order is alerted to state level compliance regulations at the time results are returned.
  • Audi will then return the complete profile via website post, email to appropriate parties, or both. All results will be stored at the web and can be viewed 24 hours per day.


Online Ordering Options:

The organization or the applicant can submit all information required for ordering a background check.

Option 1: Staff members place an order by choosing a customized package or by selecting from an array of à la carte searches.

1. A staff member will have an applicant complete a Release form.

2. The applicant information is then entered into our secure online system and submitted.

3. Once order is complete, an email will be sent to notify staff member that the report is complete and can be

viewed at the site. The report can also be emailed to authorized staff members.

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Option 2: Applicant can order their own background check.

1. The applicant can login to the site with a standard user ID and password.

2. The applicant provides their electronic signature authorizing their release of records to authorized parties and allows Audi to perform a background check.

3. The applicant will enter all required information and submit their information.

4. Once order is complete, the report will be emailed to applicant as well as an email will be sent to notify staff member that the report is complete and can be viewed at the site. The report can also be emailed to authorized staff members.


Option 3: On-Line Applications and Applicant Tracking

The USA Check Now On-Line Applications and Applicant Tracking module brings revolutionary technology to your business so that you can streamline the applicant process and hiring task. This complete solution provides the following features for your business to utilize in managing their applicants and background screening program.

On-Line Applications

This module provides a complete web-based employment application that will allow you to provide your clients with a streamlined, web-based process for gathering applicant details for hiring and background screening purposes. The On-Line Application portion of this module is provided with the following features:

• A candidate-specific, secure login is required to fill out an application

• Access to these applications is controlled via recruiter-sent emails or un-solicited applications can be entered with a customized link from your web site

• FCRA notices are displayed as part of the application with options for the applicant to agree to the terms of the FCRA before they can continue and fill out the application

• A customizable disclaimer /certification is displayed on the application for which the candidate is required to provide their electronic signature as acceptance of these terms

• When solicited by a recruiter via an emailed link, partially filled-out applications can be saved and completed later

• Files can be uploaded by applicants from the on-line application to include release forms, resumes, etc.

• Applications can be configured to prompt for full details or just the information required to do the background check based upon the package ordered

• Applications can be configured to be sent immediately for background check or to be sent to the Applicant Tracking list for review with the option to send for background check later

• Once applications are completed and submitted, a confirmation page is displayed with a customizable message for the applicant. Also, confirmation emails can be sent automatically by this process and the requester can be CCed on these emails so that he or she can be alerted when certain applications have been completed on-line.

• When required, we can also develop and provide professional, customized application forms to meet any of your specific needs

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Applicant Tracking and Management Center

The following tools are provided to manage applicants:

• An Applicant Tracking list with many features to manage job applicants

• An option to define an unlimited number of “Packages” for each of the job positions for which you are hiring that can be specified with a variety of settings and then assigned to emailed candidate requests as well as to un-solicited applicants that may come in

• For each “package”, an unlimited number of Yes/No “Questions” can be defined for which the applicant will be prompted to answer when filling out the application

• Each client will have their own configuration page with more than 20 settings that clients can be used to customize applications and application management to meet the specific needs including many settings to private-label or brand their applications by uploading their own logo header

• Complete email support is provided for client to email their applicants as part of the applicant tracking process including emails that can be sent to request that an application be filled out and confirmation once completed – All of this email correspondence is tracked and can be viewed from the Applicant Tracking list

• Once the processing of applicants in the Applicant Tracking list is completed, the applicants can be “flagged” with a variety of statuses, then moved to an “Archived Applicants” list

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Other Capabilities of this Module

• It has been designed with “Integrations” in mind and can be utilized via a link from other Applicant Tracking Systems as well as any HR system that your business may use

• If your business requires customized application forms, we can provide those for a nominal fee

• It is fully self-configurable by your business and you can customize it to meet your needs

• Since this module has been implemented within the eClientLink web pages, it provides a one-stop solution for your business to manage their applicants and screening services all from one web-based application


FRS is by far the background screening industry’s most widely utilized technology – in use by more than 250 successful companies! Collectively at these successful employment screening firms, 40,000+ background checks are processed every day, making FRS-equipped firms the true leaders in the pre-employment screening marketplace.

As the leader in employment screening software, FRS is loaded with operational efficiency tools and features which help to simplify the operations of employment screening companies by consolidating the individual processes they perform each day into one easy-to-use system. This comprehensive background check software solution enables screening firms to operate more efficiently and more profitably by reducing labor costs, improving turnaround times, and empowering them with the ability to deliver leading-edge system integration and Internet ordering solutions.


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