Screening Services & Descriptions

Social Security Trace

By matching the Social Security number to the issued name, this search can reveal all names used by the applicant, the applicant’s current address and multiple known addresses over a seven-year history. These addresses can also be used to expand an Audi criminal history search. This is the first step of verification in a background check. This information is from a database that is based on credit bureau file information. This will allow investigator to know where to search for criminal records. If a discrepancy is found, Audi will contact the applicant to determine accuracy of names and addresses. Audi will conduct all criminal record searches based on information supplied by applicant and information found by the social trace if required.

Criminal History

Audi performs accurate and reliable criminal record searches by inspecting records onsite at county courthouses and online through a direct connection with state repositories. Searches include checks for felony and misdemeanor arrests and/or convictions of any applicant. All North Carolina criminal record searches will be conducted by a licensed investigator via our direct access to the North Carolina Administrative Office of Courts computer system. Outside of North Carolina, all criminal record searches will be conducted at the state level through the state’s Administrative Office of Courts or state police. In the event that no statewide criminal search is available, a county criminal search will be conducted onsite by a local licensed court researcher.

Federal Criminal History Search

Audi’s Federal Criminal History Search can retrieve records for any federal district in the U.S. and Puerto Rico directly with the Federal repository.

National Criminal History Search

The National Criminal Search contains records from states representing over 90% of the population and has over 300 million records. The National Criminal Search is an effective “pre-screen” tool which, when combined with a jurisdiction criminal history search, identifies criminal history records that otherwise would never be discovered. Because this is a database search and not as accurate as a statewide or county criminal search, Audi will only run this search at the request of client with the knowledge that the data may be neither current nor accurate. This search should be used as a tool and not a single search.

National Sex Offender Search

Tapping the resources of a comprehensive private criminal history database, Audi’s Multi-State Sex Offender Search spans 50 states, providing employers with almost instantaneous results at an affordable price.

Education Verification

Audi will provide confirmation of the applicant’s graduation, degree earned, major and minor courses of study, graduation date and institution attended. Our search also validates that the school is a well-established and properly accredited institution.

Employment History Verification

Audi’s basic employment verification validates dates of employment, terminations, job title or positions held, wages and rehire eligibility. Our expanded employment verifications feature customized interviews that provide insight into an applicant’s character, attitude, work ethic, work history and attendance. 

State Motor Vehicle History

Using information gathered directly from the state requested, Audi’s Motor Vehicle History reveals an applicant’s insurability, current license status, driving history points and DUI offenses. We also offer DOT-compliant services for regulated industries.

 Credit History Check

Audi’s Credit History Check gives employers all the information needed to assess an applicant’s credit history for pre-employment purposes. All credit information is gathered from one of the nation’s three major credit bureaus.

 Reference Checks

Through open-ended interviews with personal or professional references, Audi personnel gather information on an applicant’s character traits, reliability, demeanor, strengths and attitude. Reference questions can be customized to your specifications.

 Professional License Verification

Audi verifies professional licenses through the applicable licensing board. We confirm the date of certification, type of license, license status and expiration date, and/or the license number and renewal date.

 Commercial Driver License Information System

A Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS) search provides information on a driver’s currently held CDL, if any, along with up to three previously held licenses regardless of what state issued these licenses. In addition, a CDLIS search can be a helpful tool to identify or confirm the state from which a motor vehicle record should be ordered for a commercial driver.

 Civil Court Files Records Check

Audi’s network of legal researchers can search any civil court index in the nation for a list of filings by name. The seven-year search results include the names of the plaintiff and defendant, case number and date. When available, we will also provide the case of action and status on the index.

 Workers Compensation Records Check

Workers compensation claim information varies from state to state and is not available from all states. We are only legally permitted to conduct this search after an employment offer has been extended to an applicant.

 OFAC Security Watch List

The Office of Foreign Asset and Control (OFAC) maintain a database of all persons and companies that are banned from entry or conducting business in the United States. This includes terrorists, international narcotics traffickers and those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Audi will process all applicants through the OFAC database.

Form I-9

Audi online I-9 forms help companies maintain compliance and eliminate paper storage. Audi’s online system allows you to collect and review I-9 forms electronically, obtain electronic signatures, and securely store completed I-9s. In addition, the E-Verify process can be initiated directly from the electronic I-9 form.


Audi’s E-Verify service submits your employee verifications to the DHS and SSA databases using an automated system. We can collect your employees’ work eligibility information and begin the E-Verify process through an online I-9 form or submit the information directly to the DHS and SSA without using an online I-9. Our reporting tool allows you to view, sort and track E-Verify transactions online.

OIG Exclusions List Search

This service is specific to the healthcare field. The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) maintains a list of individuals and entities excluded from participating in federally funded healthcare programs because of convictions for program-related fraud and patient abuse, licensing board actions and default on Health Education Assistance Loans.


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