GPS Tracking

Our covert GPS car tracking service allow us to know where a car is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The technology can tell us where the vehicle is, how fast it is travelling, where it stops and for how long, along with its current position down to a distance of 8 feet.

Our hidden car tracker can be monitored in real time watching the vehicle as it travels around, or we can bring up its history for particular days or times we are interested in. A great information gathering tool when the car tracker is to be used over a long period.

gps-imageOur covert car trackers are fitted, and monitored remotely by our technical staff. If you wish to hire a car tracking device we will do everything, and supply you with the information. There is no need for you to worry about where to put the tracker or how to see what its doing, we have it covered, all supplied at the best prices.

Our covert trackers are used in various circumstances, for both private and commercial reasons, including, to track a partners car to see where they are going and who they are visiting, track an employee’s company vehicle to ensure they are going where they are supposed to be, not wasting company fuel or carrying out work they should not be doing, tracking a persons car who claims not to be working, tracking a cheating partner when they are away from home.

Whatever your reason for having a GPS vehicle tracker, we can fit the device and monitor its movements for 1 week or one year. Our trackers are fitted with 90 hour life batteries that allow monitoring for extremely long periods of time.

The fitting of a vehicle tracking unit provides a less intrusive method of following a persons movements. It removes the need for surveillance detectives to be following thereby reducing the chance of compromise and alerting the individual they are being followed. The use of a vehicle GPS tracker is also a cost effective method of surveillance.

Using our vehicle trackers allows us to:

    • track a car visiting addresses and locations the vehicle has attended
    • tracks the route a car / vehicle has taken
    • monitors how long a car / vehicle has spent at a particular location
    • records the speeds a vehicle has driven at

We use the latest GPS tracking equipment and technology which provides us with an invaluable surveillance tool.

Our vehicle trackers are offered to private and commercial clients throughout the USA completely discreet and confidential.





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